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10 Tips to Get the Best Online Medical Consultation – Getdocsupport

2020 has taught us a lot, and one thing that stands out is the importance of social distancing to stay healthy. Fortunately, we now have the resources to conduct online medical consultation with the topmost physicians through these platforms. So, when you book your next appointment for it, keep these 10 tips in mind for the best consultation experience.  

  1. Doctor Verification: With online medical consultations being the talk of the town at the moment, doctors without a proper degree or license are also jumping on the bandwagon to make a few quick pennies. Thankfully, trustworthy consultation platforms collaborate only with qualified and credible doctors. As an aware patient, you must look for a verification tick apart from their degree and expertise before settling for the consultation.  
  2. Internet: You must have a quality internet connection that offers a good connection before starting the consultation. You do not want a disruptive zoom call meeting situation happening when your health is involved. Moreover, doctors are often advised to not carry on with the consultation if they fail to register the information you are providing.
  3. Place: Pick a place that is not at all crowded so the doctor can focus on you clearly without any distraction. Do not set up your laptop in a busy café or airport for the consultation. Although your home will be the most comfortable place, you can also join the consultation from your hotel room if you are on a trip or from your office cabin when you on your own.  
  4. Lighting: Your physical appearance reveals a lot about your health, and it is of the utmost importance here. So, sit in a place where the light source is behind the camera. Avoid overhead lighting. If possible, sit for the consultation near a window during the daytime when natural light can illuminate the area, and your doctor can have a clear look at you.
  5. Background: Since we want least distractions in the frame, so, make sure you have a clean and tiny background. Yeah, that chair where you dump your clothes definitely needs to get out of the sight.
  6. Camera: Set the camera at an eye-level, so you are visible from your face to shoulders clearly on the other side.
  7. Make-up: While we understand that you might be missing your glam up routine before a night out, we suggest skimming on the layers for this occasion. Concealers and foundations are great for covering up your problem areas, and that’s exactly what we don’t want when you are consulting a doctor.   
  8. Medical History: Be prepared to answer more than a few questions regarding the duration and nature of your medical issue, past treatments, current medications, results of diagnostic tests done in the past, menstrual cycle if you are a woman. So, make notes of these beforehand so you can answer promptly.
  9. Medical Data: Another reason to pick a trustworthy platform for a medical consultation is for the safety of your medical data which is definitely confidential property. It is also for this reason that we suggest you organize the consultation for you in a private space.
  10. Alert people: Before sitting for the consultation, ask your family members or roommates or colleagues to avoid barging into your room.

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