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8 tips that can save you from continuing losses in business

Many times the business faces constant loss. Even after many attempts, it does not seem to be a solution. In this way, Vastu defects can be the cause of your loss.

According to Gurgaon’s astrologer Nk Shandley Ji, keeping in mind some small things in your shop or office, income can be increased by eliminating all the problems.

1. The owner’s room should not be the first in the office. According to Vastu Shastra, this is not considered right.

2. Do not use dark colors like green, blue, black on the walls of the office, instead they should be replaced with light colors such as white, cream, yellow. This eliminates the negative energy of the office and the positive energy grows.

3. The water system should be kept in the north-east direction in the office. This can increase the business by doing this.

4. The habitation of god of wealth is considered in the north, therefore the cashier’s seating arrangement in the office should be done in the north.

5. The machines, machines connected with electricity, should be kept in the igneous angle (south-east direction), this place is considered to be best for electricity related work.

6. According to Vastu, more than one person should not sit on a table. Doing this will have a negative impact on each other’s work.

7. The arrangement for the seating of all the staff in the office should be such that no one should be present in front of the main gate of the office.

8. Keep the north-east, ie north-east empty in the office. Arrange the water at this place. Making a temple in this direction proves to be beneficial.

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