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Anti-ageing Fillers – Anti-ageing fillers Uses

In contrast, anti-ageing fillers are used to treat outlined facial lines and add mass to improve the appearance of face. 

As humans grow by age, the skin cells get damaged with high volume which results into the skin to become thinner and sensitive and less immune to recover.

The body’s stores of Hyaluronic Acid also reduce with age, causing wrinkles and a duller appearance to develop. Injecting filler into the targeted area or may be the whole face certain facial filler-based treatments enhances their appearance by adding volume. This leaves your face with a re-energised, more youthful look.

As with anti-wrinkle filler injections, filler treatments carry the injection of a highly required skin nutrients. Filler treatments are so turning,fast and relatively painless with patients only faceslittle problem upon injection with the syringe. Fillers are injected through a small needle and syringe.

Pre-clinically survey

As with filler treatments from best dermatologist in gurgaon, your dermo should do a proper counselling and able to explain you about the treatment procedure and any possible side effects before your filler is injected. Patients generally become very sensitive related to their skin issues and look for a proper remedy with zero side effects. Presently even an older lady more than of 60 age still would want to be looking like thirties. Since the fillers are only temporary and to maintain the results from your treatment you will be likely to return to your dermo once the effects gets reduced, just like hair colour which comes back after a month’s time and you again have to colour your hair.

Patients generally gets confused about whether they should go with anti-wrinkle injections or anti ageing fillers. It is good to compare both the options before final decision; however,your cosmetic practitioner’s advice is highly required before you choose to do so. 

Anti-ageing fillers Uses 

  1. Thin Lips & Mouth Line

Lips generally get affected so easily by the ages, so lips fillers have gained many popularities in recent years, obviously in females, over 1 million people go for lips related fillers-based treatment alone in US.   Lip fillers can be used to either align the out the lines around the mouth, or to balancethe with mass adding. Smokers who loss their lips lines so easily generally go for filler-basedtreatment.

  1. Cheek bone Fillers

As we grow up, our face becomes begin to lose their youthful appearance and skin can be become wrinkled and appear more sunken. Fillers can be injected to the cheekbone area to put mass and good looks can be retained.

Do fillers harmful?

The filler injections hurt, and the pain will depend upon patient and treated area.It might be little burning to the targeted area because filler injected with the acidic medications. To reduce the effect of pain, anaesthetic is generally used for the lips to make it tolerable. 


The filler treatment is good to go only if the target area is lips, or around cheekbones. On the other hand, the damage cells related issue can better be resolved with some other way of widely area related remedies but not with fillers.

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