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Best eye hospitals in India to treat any kind of eye-related problems

Eyes are very complex and amazing body organ, and you should take good care of them. Your eye is made up of many parts, and an injury to any of the part of the eye can affect your vision. It can also lead to permanent loss of eyesight. So always be alert regarding eye problems and if you notice any kind of problem or symptoms then contact best eye hospitals in India to consult an eye specialist without any delay. There are many ways that your eyes will indicate that something is wrong, and you have to visit the best eye hospital to get treated.

Eye related problems

1.     Blurring or focusing problems

It is also known as blurry vision and is the condition in which you feel difficulty in focusing objects. If you suddenly develop blurred vision, then it can also cause other eye-related problems too like:

Macular degeneration – it is age-related degeneration of the Maculus occurs gradually

Astigmatism- it is caused by an irregular shaped cornea

Cataracts – these are painless clouding of the lens due to age

Glaucoma – it occurs in a range of guises and is a severe eye disease

Keratoconus –it is a condition in which there is a conical shaped bulge in the front of the eye and is caused by weakness in the structure of the cornea

2.     Visual disturbances

Visual disturbances are the eye-related problems like obstructed vision, floaters or else flashes of light.  Let us know in detail:

Floaters – it is a floating spot in your field of vision caused by condensation on the surface of the eye

Retinal tear- it occurs when the tissue at the back of the eye separated from its underlying structures

3.     Headaches

You should visit the best eye hospital in India if you suffer headaches frequently to consult the eye specialist. Reoccurring headaches can be a sign that you are straining your eyes to focus on something.

4.     Eye pain or strain

 Nowadays, nearly all suffer from fatigue, painful and strained eyes, but never ignore any eye disturbances. Keep in mind that ongoing eye pain can be a sign of much serious problem, especially if you experience pain while moving your eyes.

5.     Eye infections

There are many symptoms of eye infections like swelling of eyelids, discharge from the eye, the pink tinge of the white part of eyes or else itchiness. Several of these infections are also contagious, and there is a need to consult an eye specialist for sure. Some of the common eye infections are:

Conjunctivitis – it is a pink eye because of viral infection

Blepharitis – it is when you experience inflammation of the inner or outer eyelid along with itchiness and flaky skin

Chalazion – it is a condition when there is a cyst in one gland of the eyelid and which cause swelling and pain

Watery eyes- it I when there is an overproduction of tears in eyes, and it also causes sticky and sore eyes with blurred vision

Corneal Ulcer – it is when you find a white area in the cornea

6.     Squinting

Squinting along with lazy eye is a problematic thing and it is best to consult an eye specialist

Crossed eyes – it is also a condition in which the eyes look inward towards the nose and is a permanent condition

7.     Light sensitivity

 Light sensitivity is a condition when a healthy eye is light-sensitive to a degree. You can consult an eye specialist to find the reason or to get an eye examination. You can check out for some eye disorder or infection.

 Red eyes – it is a condition when you find redness in your eyes.

 Five Best eye hospitals in India to treat eye-related problems

·        Bharti Eye Hospital, New Delhi, established in 1985

·        Eye Q Hospital, Gurgoan established in 2007

·        Shroff Eye Hospital, Mumbai, established in 1919

·        Sankara Nethralaya , Chennai, established in 1978

·        Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai, established in 1976

 The time you find anything wrong related to your eyes, book an appointment with the best eye specialist in some of the best eye hospitals in India for help.

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