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Easy Tips to Clear IELTS Academic Exam in First Attempt

Preparing to clear IELTS in the first attempt can become an easy task. The exam primarily consists of four sections, namely, reading, writing, listening, and speaking English. Here are a few tips that can help with each of the sections:

Time Management

Each section of the IELTS exam is either for 20 or 25 minutes. Therefore, candidates need to become fast-paced. They can do so by reading academic or news material aloud every day, listening to English podcasts or radio shows, watching and listening to English movies, TV shows, news, etc. Additionally, they can time their English skills. 

Regular practice of these activities would help build confidence, build a vocabulary, and manage time during the IELTS. It would also give the candidates time to review their answers before submission.

Get Familiar with the Material

The IELTS exam is either General or Academic. The former consists of questions related to general or trending topics of the year. It is given to migrate or relocate to a foreign country. Meanwhile, the IELTS Academic exam consists of scholarly-level questions, even from the interviewer as the candidate is tested for being qualified to a particular foreign university, college, or institution. 

Therefore, candidates should differentiate upon daily reading, writing, listening, and speaking English material. They should refer to familiar material depending upon the type of exam. Prioritizing this would help to develop skills to acquire high grades.

Practice Regularly

IELTS General and Academic are very competitive exams. However, the latter is more cutthroat than the former. A decrease in scores in any of the sections can diminish the overall grades. Therefore, the candidate can lose the chance to study, research, or work at a prestigious foreign university, college, or institute. 

So, to avoid such a scenario, candidates should practice regularly or even can opt for best IELTS online coaching. They can do so by continuously communicating in English with a friend, family member, relative, or a hired tutor. They can also give online English writing tests, time their task completion, listen to English podcasts, radio shows, watch and listen to movies in English more than their native language.

Keep A Check on Spoken English

Spoken English consists of pronunciation, fluency, speech, grammar, and many other factors. It is essential to master it as an interviewer may ask the candidates to answer English questions during the speaking test. Most interviewees who receive low grades during this section because of over-confidence, word, phrase, sentence repetition, usage of fillers, speaking non-relatable content, and engaging the interviewers. 

But candidates can avoid such common errors by keeping a check on their spoken English with the help of an experienced English teacher, joining an online course, building a vocabulary, asking doubts from an English language expert, and communicating regularly.

Learn About Common Errors

All sections of the IELTS exam consist of many common errors. A few common mistakes include wrong spelling, word usage, etc. Therefore, candidates should make use of the above practices to avoid mistakes and receive high grades.

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