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Follow These Rules To Manage Your Love And Romance In Your Relationship.

Where there is love, there is no snare. A husband or wife or boyfriend, all of them must have fought with a little bit or a little bit of time, but sometimes the dispute goes out of control. This is because to defend yourself or to try to justify you.

‘I’ in place of ‘I’: – During any dispute, use more of us at the place of ‘I’ and ‘You’, because if we use you, you also add yourself in that behavior. The other keeps angry at you because you can not defend yourself, so you should end the dispute and the other should realize that both of you are together, both of you are not ‘I’, we are ‘we’.

Do not try to prove yourself right: – During the dispute, trying to prove who is wrong or who is right, this is a very wrong thing. In the meantime, there is something like this that no one is ready to accept their mistake. He considers only the other responsible for everything because he makes his image defective. During this time, a dispute over this matter can increase rather than resolve the dispute. Therefore, only during the dispute should be given attention only after solving it, and one of the two must remain silent and either of them should remain silent.

Listen to others as well: – We often answer the other without listening to everything else. Many times it goes something else and we understand something else. It is, therefore, necessary that whenever such a situation arises, repeat the matter of the other. There will be no confusion about this matter.

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