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Girl Will Reject You If You Do Any Of These 7 Mistakes

The boys have a habit of being bullish, they do not pay much attention to themselves. They are satisfied only by bathing a couple of times a week, what they have to wear, how to live, they do not make sense if they If you come in a category then there is no such evil in it, but if you have to impress any girl then you can have a big problem. Many times you will not understand why she did this So today we are going to help you a little bit here. Women are fitter and fit for healthy men. This study also tells about some of the men’s specialty which is more likely to be rejected by men if they are not in men. Remains.

As long as the mouth is closed everything is fine but as soon as you once opened the mouth and saw a yellow or decomposed teeth get the habit of brushing it twice a day, apply tea to tea, coffee, tobacco, cigarettes Keep distance from the body, the smell coming from the body creates your impression. Then if the sweat becomes bad, it is also possible to breathe. Only tell me what will happen to the poor girl in such a way. .

Love is not done by seeing the face but a nice look can impress people easily. So if you get a glowing face in front of the girl then it is better to drink a lot of water to reduce the dusk of the face. Use good sunlight Getting a better option is too much weight or obesity to cut your leaf so that you pay attention to your eating habits and reduce weight.

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