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What happens is Kalsarpe defect and what effect it is on the life of a person!

When the name of the Kalsarpa blame is heard, the person suffers in fear, in fact, the Kalsarpa defect is formed when all the planets in the horoscope are between Rahu and Ketu, its auspicious and inauspicious effect depends on the planets sitting in different quarters. Occasionally this yoga can be taken to the infinite heights, but it is necessary to build good yoga. Kalsarp Yoga is of many types, know about some of these formulas –

1) If the first house is Rahu in the horoscope and Ketu in the seventh place and all the planets are in the middle then there is a Kalsarpa defect called Anant, which is not considered good for marriage or for a partner. 

2) Rahu in second house and if all the planets are located between Ketu in the eighth house, then Kalikarpa yoga called Kulik is formed which gives economic slowdown, there is no good condition in society, it makes the substance of substance abuse and education is interrupted.

3) If there is Rahu in the third house and all the planets between Ketu in Ninth, then Kalsarpa Yoga is called Vasukhi, due to the formation of this yoga in the horoscope, there can be trouble on the younger siblings, difficulties in the job and life May be conflicting.

4) Rahu in the fourth house and in the middle of Ketu, in the middle of Ketu, the Kalsarp Yoga is called a Shankalpal, in which a person falls into bad association from childhood and suffers his mother.






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