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Have You Chosen Your Gynecologist to Live a Healthy Life

Women’s health problems start with their teens. Actually, before the period when the hormones in the body start changing, then the advice of the doctor is needed. We women, do not understand the importance of this, that is why most women go to a gynecologist only when they are pregnant for the first time or they are in a particular problem.

Whereas for a healthy life, it is important to meet the gynecologist regularly and talk to them openly. Many benefits of the regularization of this process will continue to be available to you from time to time. Generally, women who go to meet a gynecologist are either pregnant or want to conceive.

While we should go to the gynecologist regularly from the same age when the period begins. Why is it necessary to have a good gynecologist, or gynecologist, to live a healthy life – In case of treatment you should consult with best gynecologist in kolkata.

The secret of the hormonal disorder will be open In the initial days of the period, there are many physical changes in the body and in these changes the body also faces hormonal disorder. These are the disorder that harasses girls throughout their life. Due to these, sometimes weight starts suddenly or after marriage, there are many problems in pregnancy. But then we are not able to connect the ends of these problems with periods.

In the early days, if we gave medical advice, in our Indian society, people still shy away from talking about periods or problems related to women. Whereas, at the beginning of the period, the doctor should ask the answers to all his questions. Even the pain during the period should not be considered as a minor and should be consulted by a doctor. Understand its importance such that every woman does not have pain during her period. Now if you are having pain during regular periods, then you should definitely seek treatment from a gynecologist.

Gynecologists also believe that most mothers take care of pain during the period at home, because they believe that pain during the period is not a big deal. Keep in mind, pain during a period can also be a sign of a major illness. Doctors can cure this problem by giving medicine for two to three months or else treatment will relieve you from this pain. Therefore, do not take the pain during the period lightly or ignore it.

Take care of the baby, go to the doctor three months before conception, you should definitely visit a gynecologist for a pre-conceptual procedure. This is the process in which a woman’s body is prepared for this before conception. In this, medicines are given to keep the uterus healthy, as well as pregnancy is made easier by drugs like folic acid. During this period, some investigations are also done, in which arrangements are made in advance to avoid the genetic problems that the child may encounter.

Things like a malfunction in NeuralTube are already known, along with many other problems. Pre-conceptual counseling can also protect the child from many deformities, as news of every problem is known in advance. Visit your gynecologist as you plan your pregnancy. There should be a difference of 3 months between pregnancy and pregnancy.

They believe that girls should see a gynecologist for the first time at the beginning of 13 years. During this time, you will have to pay attention to physical changes so that when you meet the doctor, you can ask all your questions carefully. At this time the biggest role will be that of the mother, who can tell the daughter to be cautious about these physical changes in time.

Even after menopause, most women after menopause think that they are not going to have problems especially with women and they will not have to face a gynecologist anymore. But it is not so. A woman is always needed with a gynecologist. After menopause there is a possibility of cervical cancer as well as other diseases, so even after that, visit your doctor regularly at an interval of six months to one year.

Itching means unnatural bacteria, it is very important to understand this for a healthy life. Actually, the vagina, ie the vagina, contains the natural flora, or bacteria, that keep the vagina healthy. They start getting destroyed due to any kind of infection and instead of this pathological flora i.e. bacteria, which only help to increase the infection. Itching and white discharge indicate this condition. Do not take vaginal itching lightly. See your gynecologist as soon as the itching starts so that he can stop the infection in time with the help of medicines. Otherwise, this itch will increase so much later that you will also have trouble getting up and sitting. The doctor will advise you on how to keep clean.

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