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How Digitalmarketingdeal is Better than just dial for Business Listing

Digitalmarketingdeal is an emerging digital platform getting popular day by day. Easy registration steps at fingertips with minimal NAP information i.e. name, address & phone number has hugely contributed in creating a large customer base. You may be asked to provide more details like website URL, working hours, emailed, logo or brand image but this is more inclined towards establishing your brand to give customer more confidence about you.

Like a child uses alphabets from A-Z to create word, we are the alphabets or yellow pages of business listing to make your business universal. Often, we have seen, people spending money, time and efforts over advertising, hoardings etc. but forgot to do a simple step of listing their business on popular sites. Listing/registering on digitalmarketingdeal is your first step to mark your digital presence and enter the ocean of competition. Registering your business with us will not only help you get noticed online but will also help you globalizing your brand.

Benefits of business listing with Digital Marketing Deal –

Free Business listing site in India, digital marketing deal helps to increase search engine rank of your business/brand from your competitor for local keywords or searches. Business listing is the new normal to connect with your customers, as it has emerged with lots of benefits. Digital marketing deal business listing is an easy, low cost and effective return on investment digital media platform to promote and market your business globally. Below are some key benefits of business listing –

  • Upsurge your Rank on search engines
  • Increase Online Brand Visibility
  • Generate quality backlinks for your website
  • Construct reputation for your business
  • Attract new customers with increase engagement

Features makes Digital marketing Deal Superior than Just Dial

  • Bad data distrust your brand image – Using Inconsistent Name address, phone number data, Duplicate listings, or low-quality directories make drastic impact for a brand or business. Digital marketing deal provides 4000+ Listed categories to help you list your business in appropriate category making your data more consistent. With limited category options on just dial to get listed on, its easy to get confused while listing and often frustrate potential customers by showing bad data.
  • Easy Registration – No one like to register on a website having a time-consuming complex process. It often frustrates them while listing on a website, leaving in between of registration. Digital marketing provides simple registration policies following that you can list your business. Named in evolving business listing site in India, digital marketing deal is #1 Business Directory and Service Provider.
  • Customer service – As your business increases, you need to ramp up your resources for better handling. No doubt that Just dial business has reached height in quite some time but at the same time they have downgraded their customer service which inversely effected registered users on their site. With shallow or broken promises, many reviewers have stated issues where people tried to list their business but manhandled by customer service executive while solving their issue. With digital market deal, along with automated support for frequently faced issues, we have highly skilled executives having end to end product knowledge to handle your issue with in few minutes. These executives are trained in different language to provide maximum supporting removing language barrier.
  • Handling large customer base – When you get famous, a large inflow of registration starts pouring on your website. At such point of time, data maintenance or rather data management becomes critical. You need to categorized data in effectively among categories to rank higher. With limited categories option at just dial, digital marketing deal provides 4000+ categories to manage or classify your data more appropriately than anybody else resulting in higher rank of your website.
  • Lead quality – Conversion of any lead into business is the primary objective of any business getting listed on a website. What is the benefit of getting lead that is not getting converted into business? This happens mostly due to corrupted data entered on a website while listing which occurs frequently with just dial. At digital marketing deal, with whole bunch of categories available for listing, your lead quality is surely better than others. You should be rest assured that you are only getting segment related leads.

Additional Features of Digital marketing Deal –

  • Guest Posting – To grow your online audience, guest posting is one of the popular ways. Guest posting is nothing writing or publishing an article on any other website or blog. Digital marketing deals offers their site for guest posting as it believes that it a good way to get connected and build relationship along with providing the benefit for ranking higher in search engines. Over the time, it will make your content easier to find different search engines like google, yahoo, bing and others.
  • Display Ads – Text-based, image or video advertisements often encourage user to click on an add and land on a specific website to take some action. We at digital marketing deal, attracts audience of a website or a social media platform or any other digital mediums to take a specific action using display Ads to extend your reach.
  • Event Listing – Events are one of the powerful tactics to help you increase your sale, engagement and relationship. When you create an event don’t only make it concentrated around its name, date and description but also emphasize on meta data like category, images and other relevant stuff to get it appear on search results. With increased SEO, increased analytics and traffic, you will surely get more eyes to view online and attendees for your event increasing your sales.

With all these benefits, digital marketing deal a free Business listing site in India, surely have an edge over competitors like just dial providing better quality reach/leads when you are getting registered with us. Your digital presence is set to increase making your presence global in current digital world.

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