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How do you analyze conflict situations? How do you resolve conflict?

Workplaces are a mixture of culture, skill, gender, background, age group, and mind sets. When such diversity sits in a building together, there is immense exchange of knowledge and enough room for innovation, new ideas and technologies. However, with such diversity, also comes a difficult situation to handle ie. People have different view point which may often turn into conflicting situations and heated arguments. Therefore, it is vital that employees and the entire staff learn the techniques that would enable them to manage conflict and work as a team. 

Speaking of which, team building and team work are of essential importance yet not understood by many. It is only possible for different minded people to work together harmoniously when they embrace the diversity and practice acceptance for different point of views. For any organisation to flourish, harmony and team play are extremely important.

Workplace diversity can be found in the form of personality, castes, gender, age, culture & even different mind sets. Having a diverse work environment stimulates innovative ideas but this environment can create conflicting situations at work place. Conflict can happen between employees of the same team, inter-departments, among managers or the staff members and can be due to several issues, varying from work-related to personal. 

Conflict and non-acceptance is so common today, that it becomes even more important for each one of us need to develop skills necessary to manage conflict productively and make the most of it. This may sound unrealistic but sometimes conflicting situations can do more good than harm but the methodology to handle conflict and use is for the benefit of everyone is an art. Resolution of conflict is most important for any organization to perform as desired or in some cases, using conflicting viewpoints to arrive at the best possible solution to a problem. Managers with such skills are sure to rise the ladder of success quickly because this is uncommon to everyone. 

Some tips to manage conflict effectively can be-

Give the best you have- When in any conflict, try not to just explain your point but to also understand the point of the other person. There are several concepts of neuro-linguistic programming that can help one evolve into a higher state which will enable you to effectively manage conflict. NLP can be learnt by several coaches and trainer who have specialised it.

Be mindful of what messages you are sending out- While someone is in a conflicting situation; they either tend to remain silent or get into a heating arguments. Both of these methods are an example of inappropriate behaviour in a work place environment. Therefore, one must be conscious of the words one is using, the body language one is displaying, the expressions one has on their face and if what they are saying is coming from the actively heated part of the brain or the calm side.  When such mindfulness comes, the conflict will automatically turn into a benefitting discussion and help resolve it.

Acceptance of other’s opinion- Even when one knows that one has the solution, there is no harm is listening and understanding the other’s viewpoint/ opinion. At the most, it can be redundant but looking at the brighter side, there are more chances of incorporating something more valuable to the existing idea one had. Therefore, dismissing the idea of someone else being enough capable is a negative approach and can never let harmony prevail at workplace.

The mantra is inclusion- Remember when you were a student at school who would sit in the corner and then suddenly one day some kids came around and stuck with you for the rest of your life. Similarly at work place never leave anyone alone or make them feel unimportant. Always making someone feel nice about them and showing them that they are valued will inevitably increase the employee’s will to work harder for the organisation. Humans are full of emotions, emotional intelligence and empathy can help you develop a strong organisation. Using the right tools for conflict management is a skill and like said earlier; manage it before it destroys the working environment.

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