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How to Book Diagnostic Test Online

When you are unwell, you often visit a doctor for a diagnosis. However, there are times when the doctor himself/herself is not sure of disease and hence wants to gather more clinical information to come to a certain conclusion. A Diagnostic test or pathology lab test is such an approach for a more accurate diagnosis.

Most of these tests are related to the blood that can be conducted at a blood test lab near me/you. Based on the doctor’s prescription, you can book diagnostic tests online or visit a nearby diagnostic centre. Some examples of diagnostic tests include biopsies, X-rays, pregnancy tests, and results from physical examinations.

Why book with Credihealth: With a wide range of diagnostic tests offered, credihealth is one of the major providers offering tests at a reasonable rate. It helps you to cut your medical bills and reduce expenditure. Follows are key benefits that one is getting after booking with credihealth

•         Accurate result

•         Cautious handling by our experienced experts following numerous safety norms

•         Verified partners and NABL accredited labs

•         Best offers and discounts on various diagnostic tests and packages

•         Sample collection from home at your preferred time

•         Digital reports

Pathology lab test with Credihealth: Doing every possible lab test, our lab-verified partners and labs are well versed in doing any possible diagnostic test with accuracy. Maintaining high standards and quality, our partners lab verification processes leaves a very little room for any human error or clinical error. You can book Diagnostic Test Online from our website or app and enjoy hustle free time. Few of the popular tests are diabetes Profile, Cholesterol total, kidney function test, CBC, Lipid profile, thyroid profile, Vitamin B12, liver function test and many more. One of our specialities in pathology is a blood test

Blood test Lab: We are a well-known brand as blood test lab providing the most accurate results with precision. To have a track of overall physical well-being, one of the most important ways is to have regular blood testing done in a blood test lab.

Frequency of blood test: Precaution is better than cure and regular blood tests give an indication of what is coming. It can show an increased sugar level to give a hint for diabetes or it can give a hint of a low level of other nutrients or vitamins. Typically, routine blood tests should be done once a year to reduce the risk of any disease or complication optimizing your health.

Results: Results time may vary from a few hours to a day or two depending on the type of test you are having. It is also dependent on the specific service partner you are choosing for a specific test. Our tests results are first released to doctors to review your test results first, then we release them for you.

How to Book Diagnostic Test Online

How to reach us: It’s simple if you know us beforehand. You can directly reach us through our website ( or ‘credihealth’ app from Google’s play store. Using a browser, search ‘pathlab near me’, ‘pathology labs near me’ or ‘pathology lab test’ and select credihealth to land on our home page.

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