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Know Pregnancy And Infertility

According to a report, there is going to be an increase in the number of pregnancy cases in India this year. Pregnancy is one of the greatest joy in the life of a mother and a father both. A lot of parents do take child and mother care therapy/ counselling services but on the other hand, there are a lot of people struggling with the problem of Infertility. They try various methods for conceiving. In this article, we will tell you about Infertility and pregnancy health

Pregnancy Health

The following points will help you ensure a smooth pregnancy :


The mother should consult the doctor for a perfect diet considering if one has any complications. In general, women should include fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, dry fruits, eggs in their diet. Women should also avoid eating fatty and fried food during the time of pregnancy. 

Routine Checkup 

One should visit their doctors for their routine checkups without missing it. This will help to monitor you and your baby’s health on a regular basis.


One should definitely exercise during their pregnancy as it helps to reduce the delivery pain. Also maintaining a healthy weight would ensure healthy childbirth.


One should avoid having Coffee during the time of pregnancy as a heavy intake of caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage. Also one should quit smoking and drinking when pregnant.  

Mental Health  

The 9-month pregnancy is a long journey and one faces a lot of mood swings during this time. Good mental health is very important for a woman during her pregnancy. Support of friends and family is very necessary. 

What is infertility?

Infertility in layman language is known as the inability of a couple to conceive. It Is associated with females, males or sometimes both. There are a lot of people having unprotected intercourse for a year but still not able to conceive. WHO (World Health Organisation) has termed it as one of the growing diseases. According to few reports, one in ten couples are classified as infertile. There are two types of Infertility :

Primary infertility : This is the kind of infertility when the couple has not been able to conceive for their whole life. 

Secondary infertility: In this case, the couple might have conceived before and is unable to do so now. It can happen due to any disease, earlier miscarriage or any childbirth surgery.

Causes of Male and Female Infertility.

Causes of Male Infertility : 

Erectile Dysfunction

Oddly shaped sperm

Damage due to cancer or other therapies 

Not fully grown sperm

Hormonal imbalances


Any kind of Infections.

Causes of Female Infertility :

Menstrual Problems

Cancer or other therapies 

Early Menopause 

Ovulation Disorders

Fallopian tube damage or blockage

Any infection or diseases related to female reproductive organs.

Infertility with Growing Age & Unexplained Infertility:

Age is a very important factor when we speak about infertility. Women generally have the best fertility times during teenage and then gradually it decreases. As women have a limited number of eggs in their bodies, with the growing age and increase in the number of women facing early menopause, infertility finds its way. However, in males fertility decreases much later. With the passing age, the quality of the sperms deteriorates and is not fit for conceiving. 

There are a lot of cases of unexplained infertility too. These are the cases where the cause of infertility is not defined. The reports confirm everything as normal but yet the actual reason for infertility is unidentified. 

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