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Laser Tattoo removal process

The tattoo trends are like virus in the modern world.  In India almost 25 % of population urban rural both, have tattoos in their body. People get Tattoos in excitement and then later they realise why did they get that or may they had to have something else as a Tattoo. Some people get Tattoo for their loved ones, but later when the relationship is over, they feel regret and look for the options to remove it.

Earlier it was a difficult task to get an escape from your body Tattoo, but now there is a technique for Tattoo removal with almost zero after effects.

Process –

A fresh consultation with skin specialist in Gurgaon is required first with the right profession to check the kind if type and its size and then medically have to check if you have any health related issues. If everything is fine then basis on colour of Tattoo the laser beam will be placed.

  1. You will be wearing an eye gear/ shield to protect your eyes from beam.
  2. The skin test will be there to check if beam makes any reaction to you.
  3. The laser beam then will put on your tattoo to pull out the colour pigment of Tattoo.

Even you had a small tattoo then it will be quite easy to remove with couple of sittings, however if the Tattoo is larger in size then it might be a task of many visits to get the Tattoos lighter with ever visit you make.

Is it painful? –

It is not that pain full but again it depends upon the size if tattoo, sometimes you might have to get the freeze cream to apply off may be a small injection near to Tattoo area so that beam will not pain you at all. Again, it varies person to person how painful you feel.

Conclusion –

The process is really effective and result comes for sure. America where almost 35% people have tattoos in their body generally goes for this option because many of them feel regret for their decisions and mostly are the young lovers.

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