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Leukemia causes and treatment

There are different types of diseases that prevail and people of all age are likely to contract them at some point of time in life due to rising pollution and other growing environment and man-made concerns. One such disease is leukemia that is regarded to be cancer of white blood cells. When white blood cells get abnormally high, then they are termed as blood cancer. This cancer type forces the bone marrow to produce immature WBC (white blood cells) in huge numbers within the blood system. Leukemia Treatment cost in India is very much reasonable, the reason why NRI’s and people from the western come here in huge numbers to get their treatment.

About Leukemia

Leukemia is a Greek word combining ‘leukos’ & ‘heima’. It means presence of excess of white blood cells within the blood. Officially, this disease was diagnosed by John Hughes in 1845 in Ediburg. However, medical historians are of the opinion that it has been diagnosed for centuries. Being a fatal and dangerous cancer disease, it affects adults and children alike and there are noted very bleak chances of survival of the patients.

Causes of leukemia

As old cells within the body die, new ones replace them quickly. However, in patients suffering from leukemia, old cells are found not to die and there are produced new cells. There is noticed spurt in the increase of more cells within the blood, thereby causing blood cancer. With body possessing excess white blood cells, with time, it is quite likely for the blood cell numbers to overcrowd the other blood cells over time, thereby making it tough for the blood to perform its function. This affects the immune systems of the body, thus making it impossible to fight infections.


Leukemia is of four major types, which are as follows:

  • Chronic myeloid leukemia
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Acute myeloid leukemia

Most acute leukemia forms are considered to be highly risky, having slim rates of survival for the patients affected with it. If diagnosed early on, then treatment is possible.

Early symptoms

Some of the symptoms of leukemia that can be noticed on its onset are as follows:

  • Recurring fever signs can be noticed that might not recede even after providing medication. These cases can be real difficult to diagnose because of absence of bacteria pathogen.
  • With the RBC (red blood cells) getting destructed, the other early signs of this disease is tiny red spots being noticed within the oral cavity or on the skins. The early symptom noticed in children tends to include inability to participate in different types of rigorous physical activities, weakness and fatigue, unexplained swellings, shortness of breath, joint and bone pain, paleness, etc. are attributed towards leukemia disease.
  • White blood cells present will mean immune system getting broken down, thereby making the patient’s body very weak and contracting diseases like candidiasis, tuberculosis, etc.
  • The other types of symptoms that can be noticed on the onset of leukemia disease include loss of libido, kidney problems, skin rashes, excessive sweating and nausea. These systems are characterized by the patients suffering from leukemia. They are recommended to visit the doctor without any delay if they notice such symptoms to get blood test. This way, early diagnosing of the disease can help to derive proper treatment and on time.

What is the medical cure for treating leukemia?

The oldest treatment form used to cure leukemia during the 18th century was arsenic. Later arsenic trioxide and potassium bicarbonate solution was introduced by Thomas Fowler and it was popularly termed as Fowler’s solution. This treatment form became the standard remedy for curing anemia and leukemia diseases. But during the 20th century, radiation therapy had replaced this older form of treatment. Radiation thereby did prove to be quite helpful to cure leukemia disease. However, in today’s modern medical science, genetic analysis combined with bone marrow transplantation have successfully replaced radiation therapy, aminopterin, 6-mercaptopurin and chemotherapy. They are regarded to be modern marvels of medical treatment and are also effective means to curb the issues of blood cancer and leukemia. With plenty of qualified doctors and affordable Leukemia Treatment cost in India, now leukemia and blood cancer patients can sigh in relief.

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