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Meningioma: Brain tumor diagnosis

If the person or his/her beloved one has contracted Meningioma, then it is quite natural to get concerned about health and have lots of types of questions popping up in the mind combined with fear. Without having much knowledge, the person is likely to become desperate and will feel ignorant and afraid of what is to happen next. Consulting the reputed physicians having adequate experience and knowledge in this domain can prove to be helpful. Moreover, Meningioma Treatment Cost in India is less thereby allowing people to get the best available remedy.

About Meningioma

Meningioma is type of tumor that takes place on the membranes covering the spinal cord within the skull and the brain. This tumor develops in the membranes’ three layers, known as meninges and also is slow growing. Around 90% of them are non-cancerous (benign) and most of them develop in the brain. Often, this tumor does not cause any kind of symptoms and does not require any immediate treatment. However, development of benign meningiomas is likely to cause serious health issues and in few cases, such type of growth can prove to be fatal.

Nothing conclusive is found about this brain tumor type, except that survival rate of those affected is quite high. However, the very knowledge of having contracted such a medical condition is sure to be devastating. The doctor is likely to first evaluate the condition and suggest various types of tests to diagnose the ailment. Accordingly, treatments are prescribed to provide relief to the pain arising from it. At the same time, the patient is also assisted to maintain a positive attitude about life and provide them with knowledge on the treatment, so as to put them at ease.

Getting remedies

Being diagnosed with brain tumor can make the person to panic including his/her family members. Discussing with other patients suffering from meningioma can help to know what needs to be done and avoided and to lead a positive life as well as to get the best available mediation and solutions. It is essential to relate to the others who have passed through such crucial times in life can help to lighten the burden on the mind and to get through the trauma faced due by this condition.


Some of the symptoms faced with Meningioma are blurred vision, memory loss and headaches. Moreover, the person experiencing such symptoms is likely to feel anxious, drained or tired all the time. In such a case there will be required support from the family members and others close to him/her to reassure of having a positive outlook. The objective should be to help the person to work on the issues with a good and well trained doctor and to do away with the condition by availing the most appropriate remedy.

The effects from the suggested treatments and diagnosis are also likely to leave the patient to feel emotionally drained out and also scared with the proposed actions of moving very fast. He/she is likely to be lost in such a situation, where the feeling is how and why this ailment occurred in the first place. Meingioma patients might experience ‘why me’ type o feeling that is very much normal among them and also feel angry. Hence, to avoid emotions like hopelessness or depression, it is necessary for supporters to be and speak positive all the time. Besides low Meningioma Treatment Cost in India, the doctors here also give a patient listening to their patients and provide the much needed words of reassurance, so that they can come into terms and get proper medication.

When can the patient return back to his/her work after meningioma?

Few patients will be in a position to return back to work within two to four week period after surgery. However, others might require longer recovery period of about 6 to 12 weeks. The recovery period actually depends upon the individual tumor developed and consulting the doctor can help to know what is to be expected and what needs to be done for faster recovery.

Most meningiomas diagnosed are non-cancerous in nature, while the cancerous types constitute somewhere over 1% of the primary brain tumors detected. Once tumor is identified, the ten year survival rate is able to specify the percentage of people who can survive minimum 10 years.

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