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Why is the name of China's biggest company named Alibaba with forty thieves?

As we know, Alibaba is China’s largest e-commerce company. It’s an interesting story behind the name of Alibaba. Alibaba’s owner is Jack Ma.

Once Jack Ma, who was thinking of his company name sitting in the coffee shop of San Francisco, suddenly he remembered an old story “Alibaba and forty thieves.” He asked a nearby waitress, “Do you know about Alibaba? “The waitress replied,” The same open-hearted sim’s name “(OPEN SESAME”). As we have also read in this story, Alibaba speaks of “Khul ja sim sim” to open the door of that cave.

Encouraged by the response of the waitress, he asked all about the nearby people about Alibaba. Everyone knew something or something about that story. Encouraged by this, Jack Ma thought that I would keep my company name Alibaba. Which will prove to be “open sim sim” in my business for me.

And the same thing happened, Alibaba’s name really proved the key to treasure for Jack Ma.


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