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Secret behind why only few people get most rewards in life

I’m sure you must be counting yourself as one of those who are always ready to buckle down and put in all their efforts to achieve their goal. But what do we get in end? We are just yanked back by our competitors and end up coming back to square one. Are our efforts not enough that we can compete? Do we lack anything? Well, of course not! Even you have burnt the midnight oil and come out with flying colors but there’s a little hindrance in your path to success. And that hindrance is called the 1% rule.

What does this mean? Well, this rule says you don’t have to be twice or probably thrice as good as your competitor but you just need to gain a slight edge over him. If you maintain that ‘slight’ edge over your competitor then nobody can stop you from winning again and again and perhaps repeat the process of wining while maintaining this ‘slight’ edge.

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This rule is just a result of the fact that small changes can accumulate into bigger rewards. Even if you are ‘slightly’ better than your opponent, it could still reap you rich rewards and benefits. It leads to a surge in the idea that the ones who are ‘1% better’, ‘rule’ the world with their talents.

So people, work towards success by applying this successful mantra. Trust me this is the secret to the success of many! Try it yourself!

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