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Send items carefully with Packers and Movers

Moving stuff from one place to another is not easy. The services of trucks, tempo, packers and movers or air carriers are often used by people. Such services are considered to be a service provider by paying a price under the Consumer Protection Act. If there is any shortage on the part of the service provider, then the complaint can be made in the consumer court.

A Bangalore Based Packers and Movers in Marathahalli sent the clothes from Thai airways to the foreign countries, but they did not reach the right person. The National Commission held Thai Airways guilty of service reduction in its order. Similarly, Shamlal’s goods were to be delivered to a packers company in Mumbai in two days. He kept the luggage in a warehouse on the way. At night a fire broke out in the warehouse and the whole thing was burnt. Shamlal Consumer Court went away. The court ordered the company to pay the price of all the parallel and also to compensate for the baggage at other places without permission.

In a separate case, Rajat spent 32 thousand rupees to send his luggage to Bengaluru. To insure the entire baggage, give 2500 rupees separately. In Bangalore Rajat found that the TV is broken. Silver wants to compensate the packers company The Packers Company contacted the Insurance Company. While taking the premium amount from the insurance company, the price of TV was estimated to be 22 thousand. It took a while, but Rajat got Rs 22 thousand from the insurance company.

The point here is to note that Rajat had provided the insurance, so his loss was compensated. If there was no insurance, then the claim would have been against the Packers Company and then they got the claim based on the rules which were fixed between Silver and Packers. In such a way, the things mentioned in the receipt or the mutual agreement papers become very important. If there is a loss, then its compensation is in accordance with those things.

In the event of a loss, you can complain in the Consumer Court in these cases: 1. Damaged goods. 2. Luggage lost or stolen It will be considered a defect in the security system. 3. Reaching the destination after the fixed time of luggage. 4. Submit your luggage to another agency without your permission. 5. Keep the luggage in the warehouse without any permission. 6. Delegate the delivery of goods to an unfamiliar person or hand over documents without adequate. 7. Delivering goods in the wrong place. 8. Denial of receipt of goods. 9. Incorrect information about your agency.

Well, in this case, you should also take some precautions:

Always give the agency complete list of your luggage. – As far as possible, keep proof of the cost of the goods, it may be the purchase receipt etc. – Must know and understand the agency’s terms and conditions. – It is in your interest to insure the goods being sent. Also know if the truck’s truck is insured or not. – Tell the agency about the delicate stuff so that it can be handled in the same way. – Do not send precious jewelery and money with the goods.

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