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Tips to select the best IVF specialist for treatment

The truth is that Invitro-fertilization is fast becoming a common treatment option among childless couples. Generally, the first step to treat infertility is to use fertility drugs. At times, it will require a boost, since it is not just enough. It is here that IVF comes in. However, success rate varies, especially if used with different combinations of fertility drugs. It is dependent upon age, even by itself. This ranges from 23 to 40 percent. The much older the person, the lower becomes the success rate. If used along with fertility drugs, this percentage increases significantly. Hence, this procedure is becoming common and the best IVF Doctors in Mumbai is being the most sought after.

Use of IVF

IVF is used commonly among women older in age, face scarred, blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. Even men having low grade sperm or those couples facing unexplainable infertility issues can avail it. couples experiencing serious fertility issues that cannot be solved easily with fertility drugs can opt this method of treatment. it also helps couples to be positive with regards to conception, although faced with fertility issues.

Things to know

If the plan is to seek IFV treatment to derive a biological child, then it becomes essential to undertake some research. Firstly, it is important to know that IVF is a complex process and the candidate needs to take a patient and calm approach when undergoing the treatment. There is no guarantee of success rate on the IVF cycle, even by the best IVF doctors in the industry. So, it becomes essential to face the outcome, whatever it may be.

Some factors to consider when selecting the best IVF doctors to derive the treatment

  • To avail quality IVF treatment, the person needs to undergo specific examination performed by a qualified geneticist. Genetic disorders are evaluated by a doctor. Hence, the clinic should boast of having top rated specialists.
  • This process does require the combined efforts of different specialists. Hence, when trying to select an IVF centre, it is essential to find out if the clinic has hired a specialist in the fields of embryology, gynaecology, psychology, surgery, urology and endocrinology.
  • Reproductive surgeon does play a significant role, since not all IVF cases are considered to be the same. Few candidates might require surgical medication of different types of conditions that leads towards obstruction creation for endometriosis lining, fallopian tubes and other disorders related to the urinary tract. It is a wrong notion that it is only the women who tend to face infertility problems. this may arise even in their male partners or among both. The urologist can evaluate the male to find out about the urinary tract disorder as well as to determine the type of treatment to be undertaken to resolve the issue.
  • Each specialist being part of the entire treatment process is to be a MD in the specialized field and have better understanding and experience of the industry.
  • The embryologist does play a significant role in IVF treatment. It is this specialist who is found responsible to match the collected sperm and eggs of the partners under stringent lab conditions, so as to come up with a healthy embryo. In case, the healthy embryo numbers are more than two, then two is likely to be used in first cycle, while the remaining would be carefully frizzed. This will enable it to be used in the second cycle.
  • The clinic requires to have good success rate and reputation to boast about pertaining to treating IVF cases. It is clearly understood that 100% success cannot be achieved, but minimum 85% successful cases can enhance the reputation of the clinic.

The person or the couple can set up own parameters to determine selecting the best ivf specialist in Mumbai. At the same time, it will be essential to include the above mentioned points in the search. The fact is that IVF is an expensive medical procedure and there will be required adequate plans to meet the required funds. There might be faced variation in costs, which depends upon clinic to clinic and from the facilities and treatments derived from patient to patient. It can be due to extra service or medication provided to the patient.

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