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Top Effective Home Remedies for Skin Irritation and Rashes

Skin irritation and rashes are common issues faced by many people. Some people may choose to ignore it, but it can become more troublesome if not treated in time. Irritation on the skin can make you uncomfortable as it can be in the form of itching or burning sensation. There can be several reasons for skin irritation and rashes such as allergy, dry skin, skin conditions or diseases, insect bite, exposure to the sun, and many more.

Some of the common symptoms of skin irritation are:

  • Scaly or leathery skin
  • Unusual redness on the skin
  • Dry and cracked skin
  • Blisters or bumps on the skin

Let’s have a look at some effective remedies that can help in offering relief from the skin irritation and rashes:

Cold compress

This is a natural and effective remedy to stop itching and paining the sensation of a rash. You can choose cold compress, cool shower, or a cold damp cloth as all of them will offer immediate relief. It can also prevent swelling and ease the itching. Cold compress is known for slowing the progression of a rash. You may consider buying fabric bags with ice as they freeze well.

Aloe Vera

We all know the wonders Aloe Vera does to our skin. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antiviral properties as well. It will instantly make you feel cool on the spot you apply and offer relief from itching and burning. However, try to use the fresh Aloe Vera extracted from the leaf as it is most effective.

Coconut Oil

It is easily available at home. Apart from moisturizing the skin, it offers relief from skin irritation. You must first test if you are allergic to coconut oil. You can apply it anywhere on your skin or scalp and benefit from its antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. It also promotes wound healing.

Tea tree oil

It is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, can treat skin irritation. It is an effective treatment for skin conditions such as acne. Dilute the oil by mixing a few drops of other oil such as coconut or olive oil before applying on the affected skin.

Apple cider vinegar

This magic drink not only helps in weight loss, but it is also an old remedy for skin issues. The anti-microbial properties help in offering relief from irritation and rashes on the skin. You can dilute it in water before application. However, avoid using it in case of cracked or bleeding skin.

When should you see a doctor?

  • One needs to consult if the skin irritation lasts for more than two weeks and doesn’t improve with remedies.
  • If it is so severe that you can’t concentrate on daily chores or your work.
  • Also, when the problem affects your whole body.
  • If the skin rashes are accompanied by other symptoms such as tiredness, fever, weight loss, change in the bowel, etc., It can be a sign of an underlying disease.

You must always remember not to touch the affected skin often and avoid scratching it as it will worsen the condition. DOCSUPPORT is a healthcare company that allows patients to consult with licensed physicians in their states through video conferencing technology. Get the online medical consultation in USA.

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