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What are the symptoms of a heart valve problem?

Heart is a muscular organ, which pumps blood, it has four valves, the healthy valves allow blood to flow easily in one direction, also preventing backflow. Heart Valve replacement Surgery is required when there is valves enosis where they restrict the flow of blood in the forward direction due to narrowing or valve regurgitation allowing the blood to leak in the reverse direction \

Valvular diseases may be caused by degeneration with age, infection , rheumatic heart diseases present symptoms as

  • Heart murmur on auscultation
  • Easy fatigue, Breathlessness
  • Swelling in Ankles and feet
  • Irregular heartbeat, fainting

Valvular heart disease is diagnosed by

  • Murmur on auscultation 
  • Echocardiography
  • Cardiac MRI

Treatment includes valve replacement Surgery

Heart valve replacement Cost in India ranges from USD 6500- 8500, depends upon the type of valve, doctor performing, hospital chosen, number of days in hospital.

Stay in hospital is usually around 5-7 days; valve replacement may be aortic or mitral.

The surgeon will remove the old valve and put a new one in place usually with minimally Invasive Surgery technique wherein very small incisions are made causing less pain and blood loss,reduced  infection chances , faster recovery

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation(TAVI) is a technique where the replacement valve is guided into place through the blood vessels

The main types of artificial new valves are:

Mechanical valves these are made of steel or ceramic and can last a lifetime but can be blocked easily so advised blood thinners entire life

Tissue valves or biological valves – these valves are made from animal tissues, these valves may only last 10 to 15 years.

In select few cases the valves may be repaired,if the valve can be repaired ,then the surgeon will repair it , own valve when repaired can last over 20 years .

Artificial valves may last for a limited time. In some patients valves last as long as 15-20 years without problems. There are cases when valve has to be replaced within a matter of years or months.

After valve replacement lifestyle changes are essential, it is important to eat healthy, do regular exercise, not smoke, take regular medication.

In case you are looking for heart valve replacement procedure in India, let the medical counsellor at Vaidam guide you .

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