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What fungal infections is and how it spreads?

Fungal infections can occur naturally when a fungus sit on your body for a longer duration and breaks your body immune system. It impacts through placing a spot which can led to skin allergy, rashes or other body disorders. 

The Fungi are all where whether its air, soil, water or plants, you can find them everywhere and also inside your body.

Just like good cells and bad cells the Fungi are also good and bad in variety. They adjust in body temperature so live inside the body. If a Fungi turns into bad, then it starts impacting the body immunity system.

What are the symptoms?

A Fungi Infected person can show many symptoms, however it will depend upon the type of it. But commonly it will show some skin colour changes at some areas. The skin gets cracked or pigmented in some area. Or, it can create itching or irritation.

Types of Fungi –You may have seen many times that your foot finger feels pain to cut in joints or at the corners, this is a basic view of Fungi infection. Especially when you do so much running or you walk for long distance. Neck rolls, you have seen some itching spots due to sweating at the neck, that is another kind of Fungi infection.


Consult best skin specialist in gurgaon for treatment. The best wat to apply some oil or anti-allergy cream to reduce the growth of Fungi functioning at the affected area. Like for an athlete if they get Fungi infection on their foot, then they are being told not to wear the shoes for few days and keep the infected area open. Sometimes Fungi effects gets off after a few days by its own. 

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