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What is PET Scan?

If cancer is recognized in time, treatment is not difficult. But a slight lapse in examination becomes fatal for the patients. Now stomach scan-positron emission tomography will provide accurate information of cancer cells immediately. It will also identify the smallest cancer cells hidden in the body. With this, all types of cancer can be cured in the first stage itself. This hitech test is also available in Hyderabad along with Mumbai and Delhi. Know the cost of PET Scan in Delhi on Credihealth. 

Cancer patients are still examined based on the image of MRI and CT scan, but the exact position of the cells is not known accurately. While stomach scans detect even microscopic sick cells. In this, the patient is injected with radioisotopes with a special glucose. This drug reaches only in cancer cells. Pagitrans are released from these cells, thereby capturing radioactive isotopes. These are cancerous cells, whose image is completely clear. It is known from which organ cancer cells are giving signals. These cells take more glucose, so they get caught.

What the expert says

Stomach scan has raised great hope in the treatment of cancer. Before the examination the patient is given radioisotopes with fluorodeoxy glucose, which identify the cancer cells. This will make the treatment of cancer extremely easy.

Why is PET SCAN done?

To detect disease related to brain and nervous system

To detect types of cancers like brain cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer

To find out the complexity of cancer

To find damaged heart tissue

To find out the reason for low blood flow in heart

When should PET SCAN be done?

Stomach scan is done to detect many conditions, some of which are the major conditions –

When you want to know which part of the body is affecting the spread of cancer.

When oxygen is detected in the brain and the presence of blood clots.

When symptoms related to neurology (nervous system) are seen.

When it is necessary to analyze the status of cancer.

Keep these things in mind before getting PET SCAN done-

If you are a diabetic patient, then tell the doctor about this.

In case of taking any kind of medicine or supplement, please inform your doctor about it.

Tell a doctor even if you have any kind of allergy.

Please give the correct information related to pregnancy to the doctor.

Do not eat or drink anything before 6 hours before the test.

How is PET SCAN done?

During this test, the patient is lying on a table and the table is connected to the computer, scanner and camera.

After this, radioactive chemicals are injected and the patient is forbidden to move and speak until the chemical reaches the whole body.

These chemicals are absorbed by the internal organs and tissues to be studied.

The stomach scanner then revolves around the patient and scans the photos.

Pictures taken from the scanner are seen by the doctor on a computer screen.

After the test, the patient is advised to drink plenty of water and pass urine.

What does an abdominal scan report reveal?

If the report of this scan comes normal then it means that there is no problem of any kind in the internal organs and tissues of the patient but if the report does not come normal then it means that either the internal organs and tissues of the patient are correctly Not working or some kind of infection or cancer can occur.

Now you know about the stomach scan and this test proves very helpful in the screening of cancer because from this scan, a small number of sick cells can be detected, that is, cancer can be detected at an early stage and cells. The correct method of treatment can be adopted by knowing the actual condition.

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