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Where to find fastest Elderly care services at home

Elderly care or adult care or senior care is specialized care provided to the elderly at various stages to meet their needs and requirements. Credihealth provides nurses and attendant services including personal care assistance which can be customized as per our suited needs. From assisted living to nursing care, adult care to home care, Credihealth provides certified home attendants for elderly to make their life Hussle-free. Though aging is not the criteria to classify elderly care but usually with age, various diseases get around them due to decreased immunity, and hence there is a need for elder care services at home. Nowadays when both husband and wife are working, it is difficult to take care of parents during their old age where they constantly need support and care 24*7. At that time, you need skilled, experienced, and professional home attendants for elderly to help them in their daily routine, making your life worry-free.

When to opt for Elderly care services?

Not every elderly requires old age care at home. They can take care of themselves living independently but in some specific cases, they do need special assistance. Most of the time when your loved ones experience difficulty while doing daily activities independently, you need elder care at home. Following are a few signs you can watch out for as an indication

•         Difficulty in walking

•         Chronic health disease

•         Memory loss

•         Special care

•         A medical condition when the patient is unable to perform daily activities

•         Social withdrawal/Loneliness

•         Nobody is available to take care

·       Above are a few signs that indicate the need for elderly care services at home.

Credihealth offers Elderly Care Services at home where caregivers provide assistance in daily living activities like bathing, toileting, feeding, walking, etc. Credihealth assures the fastest assistance for old age care at home with a skilled and experienced attendant who is perfectly trained to be compassionate about maintaining good hygiene, diet, and medications as guided by you or your family doctor.

Types of old age care services Credihealth provide –

Credihealth is your health manager working at your home providing old-age care services like-

•         Chalking and following a diet plan

•         Giving timely medicines

•         Regular blood pressure and sugar checkup

•         Oximeter measurement at regular intervals

•         Oral hygiene

•         Bed/Sponge bath

•         Bathroom and feeding assistance

•         Physical exercises assistance

Aiding throughout the day, polite Credihealth’s home attendants are experts in all fields. They are well-trained experienced professionals specialized in this field.

How does Credihealth’s elderly care services work?

Booking elderly nursing care with Credihealth is very simple and can be done as described below –

Raise a Request: Please a request for elderly care by filling up a simple form with basic details.

Confirmation Call: Once the request is raised, you will get a confirmation call from a credihealth homecare expert to take your exact requirements and verifying it against the information filled.

Homecare Professional: After the confirmation call, you will get details of the homecare professional who will be visiting for homecare. After your confirmation, you can avail of elderly care at home with our experienced professionals.

Following the above simple steps, you can enjoy stress-free home care services at home. You can also view the feedback provided by other customers to have a crystal-clear picture.

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