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Which is the best preschool in Austin

The Early childhood education program ensure the social, emotional, and intellectual development of a child at the age when they can’t even understand any language. Nowadays preschool programs are essential for a child’s betterment in the future. Various preschool programs whether for-profits, nonprofits, independent, and sponsored by religious organizations are operated by different groups. Preschools are responsible for a child’s overall development. Child, who are aged between 1 to 6 year has a different capacity to adapt thing. In that scenario, Children at that age learn quickly how the world around them works through a joyful and playful preschool environment.

What do child learn at Star Montessori Preschool-?

Usually, Preschool is a colorful, bright, and cheerful place filled with happy children. Teachers at preschool direct children through fun, experimenting, and playing activities, which make everything interesting. Star Montessori the best preschools in Austin promotes ‘learning through play’ which helps the child to grow with confidence and prepare for future learning solutions.

At Star Montessori preschool children learn to communicate, follow patterns, solve problems, and socialize with others. The preschool helps them to increase their self-esteem and self – confidence and prepare them for school programs. Below are few activities run by star Montessori preschool –

  • Puzzles solving session
  • Blocks games
  • Painting and drawing
  • Music, dance and drama
  • Climbing and playing on outdoor equipment
  • Running, Swinging and jumping
  • Using computers
  • Clay art & Sand and water games

These activities help a child to grow socially, physically, mentally, expressively, in language and literacy, and in cognitive skills.

Physical growth – All physical activities such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, playing, group tasks increase a child’s motor skill and build their bones and muscles healthy. At star Montessori, we ensure every child take part in these kinds of activities to make them fully fit and active.

Social Growth – Taking part in group activities, play together make them more social, they learn to interact with each other along with teachers and caregivers. Teachers at Star Montessori, the top preschool in Austin teach them to respect others, resolving conflicts, and working together.

Mental Growth – Teachers use a unique Math Methodology At star Montessori preschool which provides an opportunity to participate in games such as sorting, stacking, counting, and matching. This program helps to develop their brain through cause-and-effect activities, guessing games, and listening games.

Emotional Growth – At the preschool children learn to express their feeling and behaviorfor others. Teachers teach them to help and show concern for others all this help them to grow an as good human.

Language and reading ability – Children at preschools learn and communicate through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Teacher through various activities like rhyming, Story & poetry telling, and Book reading activities nurture their communication skills along with writing skills.

Star Montessori best preschool in Austin –

At Star Montessori Preschool management provides a curriculum that helps children to grow towards the early learning goals. Teachers at Star Montessori use standard approaches to make learning fun-loving and joyous where a child can learn best.

It’s a high-quality Preschool in Austin which focuses on all areas of learning by keeping in mind what children are interested in. all the teachers and caregiver works here has wide experience in the relevant field, ensure warm, comforting, and friendly environment here. Fun learning activities with reading, writing, and communicating skill enhancement children feel like another home at the preschool.

With some superior learning activities & Qualities, the preschool stand best among all are mentioned below –

  • The preschool provides active learning for children, includes reading, writing, problem-solving, practical knowledge, exploring the natural world, outdoor play, and many more.
  • Teachers and caregivers at Star Montessori are highly Passionate, Experienced, dedicated, Creative, Flexible with a warm personality. Children here get care and guidance from teachers enjoy the most.
  • Child-friendly Facilities to ensure your child remains comfortable through the day
  • Child’s safety and security are our paramount, every single step we ensure toward their safety. We take every essential precaution of hygiene for a healthy child. other than that security CCTV camera installed to ensure child security.

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