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Why do we use rice while tilak on the forehead?

Tilak is applied on the forehead in Hindu civilization, it is considered auspicious, there is no puja, festival, marriage, or any auspicious work, tilak is imposed in it. Tukas are applied mostly from Kumkum and rice is also planted with it. Know why rice is applied after Tilak –

 Tilak is applied on the fire wheel on the forehead and this is the power of the body in which the power is transmitted, by applying the Tilak, the person comes in the Confidence and in Tilak the rice is applied to the reason that cookie rice is considered an indicator of purity. Applying tilk of raw rice gives positive energy and negative energy is removed. It is also said that by applying the Tilak of rice, the person gets respect in society and the attraction of the person increases and at the same time it keeps the person away from the diseases and the person’s mind is also happy and calm. Many people also believe that by hinging with Kumkum and rice, the person gets Akshay Puyaan.

Perhaps you may not know that the hinges of Kumkum and Rice will ease the sadness of the mind and the person is happy. Before we leave the house every day, we should definitely make sure that we try to do good deeds, be happy, our confidence is big and we also give happiness to others.

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