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Why Full Body Checkup is Important

There is no age to get a full body checkup, whether it is a risk factor or not. According to health experts, if your health is very good and you do not have any lifestyle-related disease, then even after the age of 25 for good health. Your full body checkup must be done regularly. There was a time when it was believed that after the age of 30-35 years you should get your health checkup because, with aging, the body starts suffering from many diseases, but today the time has changed.

Alcohol, smoking, lack of physical exertion, stress life, ethics, behavior, and dietary irregularities, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. diseases have surrounded him.

In our country, thirty million suffer from heart diseases. 40 percent of women in the country is heart disease. Only two and a half million people in Delhi are suffering from heart disease. 30 people per one thousand population are heart patients. There are about 20 million diabetes patients in our country. If the major causes and symptoms of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. are diagnosed on time, then these diseases can be prevented.

Should a full body checkup be done?

The test shows whether you are fully fit or not. Serious diseases are detected at the time of conducting tests, due to which they can be treated at the time, medical tests( Full Body Checkup in India ) reveal the genetic diseases going on from generation to generation.

Tests to be done in full body checkup and their requirements

heart disease:

Obesity, high blood pressure, insomnia, stress, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, cholesterol, decreased physical exertion give rise to heart disease. Therefore, during the full body checkup, special attention is paid to those important components. Weight, obesity is the enemy of health. Obesity leads to high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, increased cholesterol, chest pain, gallbladder stones, respiratory disease. Therefore, the person who is overweight tries to reduce weight by a regular balanced diet and physical exertion in the diet.

high blood pressure:

Symptoms of high blood pressure do not appear in the beginning, but gradually high blood pressure becomes a danger. It increases the workload of the heart if blood pressure is continuously increased. This intensifies the process of hardening of the arteries. When the arteries become narrow and hard, they are not able to carry enough blood to the body parts so that they can carry out their work properly. If high blood pressure persists for a long time, it has a bad effect on the heart, kidneys, and nerves, causing the blood vessels behind the eyes to shrink.

Full Body Checkup:

Cancer screening

In a full body checkup, women are tested for diseases like breast and uterine cancer and men for prostate cancer.


However, at the time of every full body checkup, ECG is important but for those who have no symptoms of heart disease, ECG. It does not have special significance. Yet 20 percent of the patients come to know of heart disease, irregularity of heartbeat. Nowadays especially in full body checkup, TMT Strauss E.C.G. The heart is checked by.

Full body checkup: the blood test

This is the first and most important test in a full body checkup. Through this, the level of hemoglobin, polymorphs, lymphocytes, monocytes, platelets, etc. are measured. Blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. are also tested through this blood test. In case of any abnormal level, other special tests are done.

Urine test

Full body checkup The amount of glucose and protein is detected through urine testing.

Eye examination

Whether or not the eyes are working properly is determined by examination. The condition of color blindness, myopia and hypermetropia is also known.

Ear check

Hearing abilities of the ears are revealed.

Liver function test

Liver testing is also included in the full body checkup. Protein, albumin, globulin, bilirubin (jaundice), SGOT, SGPT, etc. are covered under this test.

The main purpose of full body check-up or complete health check-up is to check the causes that cause the possibility of these diseases and cure and diagnose those specific diseases on time. Go Whole body checkup does not involve any risk, the body should be checked once a year.

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