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Why Reading important in today society – Read Interesting Example

As Nelson Mandela says, “Education is the world’s most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.”

We do not change or change the world but it is necessary to read to improve our future. There was a child, quite fast, the age was small, but was quick to understand any work. His laborer father did not consider it necessary to teach him and at the younger age he was employed in the helper work in the factory. In two years, he learned to operate the factory machines with his strong mind. Now he became Helper from Operator. Working eight hours a month, earning 10,000 rupees.

Over time, the factory work began to grow. With the overtime, the Seth logo began to pay the operator not according to the daily but according to his work. Now the boy used to work twelve hours a day and his monthly income was about 25,000 / -. Now think that the poor child of a poor laborer family earned good without his own reading. But was he happy?

He would have been tired of doing 12 consecutive hours of hard work. But he had no other choice. The pollution of the factory was hollowing her body from day to day. He had no good friends. Those whom he knew were all tired laborers like him and those who were addicted to drunkenness to overcome their fatigue. The boy also started to add intoxication with those people. There was no enthusiasm in his mind, he was always angry. He had no status in the society. Now if you had thought that his father had taught him, would he have a mental condition? She was quite young since childhood, and even studying well.

Reading is not a necessity for earning more money to get a job, but it is necessary to live a happy life with good status in the society.  A widower was a wealthy man who had two children. A boy a girl His wife died after the boy was born. That wealthy man did not understand the girl teaching after the seventh. His boy was reading but he was proud of his father’s money. He used to be more interested in more fun than studying. The effect of the bad side was visible in his behavior. He loved money more than Rishto. The rich man made the girl married in a well-paid family.

Time has taken a turn and everything changed. The boy took his father’s house and grabbed his business. The addiction of wasting money was not allowed to pay attention to the business. He became debtor The father could not see the actions of his son and one day his heart stopped beating.

The girl’s husband was a drunkard. He loved his drunken friend more than his wife. He often insulted his wife in front of his friends in drunkenness, used to beat and beat. How long a self-respecting girl will be able to save? She left her husband.

With great hope, the girl came to her brother’s house but what did she know when her brother had forgotten humanity? There was no significance for the relationship in his eyes. Brother justified his own sister and told to go back to her husband.

Now the doors on both sides were closed for him. A lonely helpless girl who grew up in a wealthy family came to the road. Now he had no work experience or had written it. What will he do now?

We end this story. I have heard many boys and girls say that our father has so much that there is no need for us to write more studies.

Remember when the time runs on your own, the wealth of the father does not even work, it comes only to your studies, your knowledge. A well-read man is never destitute. Relationships can be left with a relationship, but your knowledge always lives with you.

Suppose you find it difficult to study, but remember if you do not study then your future may be ruined. Nothing is difficult if people are resolved. Please leave, argue and study whole mind.

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