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Why Lord Krishna didn’t Marry Radha

The love of Lord Krishna and Radha is immortal from ages. There was an unbreakable love between the two, yet both of them did not get married. This question continues to bother everyone’s mind that after all what Krishna’s compulsion was, due to which he did not marry Radha.

There was a lot of challenges before Krishna’s childhood. Once in my childhood, after praying to the monster, Kutna reached the house of Shrikrishna ji and tried to breastfeed her. Prior to that, once the monsters reach the palace of Rukmani ji, but there also they fail even after lakh attempts. When Puthana was trying to breastfeed the goddess Rukmani ji, only then there were family members coming suddenly and there. And seeing the monsters looking at them are scared and they blow up the goddess Rukmani ji in the sky but goddess Rukamani increases their weight so much that the monsters can not bear them and they leave the goddess Rukamani.

When the Goddess Rukmani falls from the sky, she becomes adorned above a lotus in the pond. Due to demonic worship, the princess of Vidarbha kingdom Devi Rukmani had fallen into a lake near Mathura, a village in the state of Mathura and at that time, Varasana A resident of Rizwan, along with his wife Kirti Devi, was passing along the banks of the lake. Then he suddenly comes to see that sweet daughter Rakmani comes running towards them. And he takes the girl away and takes the dock, and takes her home as her daughter and her name is Radha.

Radhaji is bigger and his new friends are also made. Only then are they met by Lord Shri Krishna. All of you have seen this how true the love of Krishna and Radha ji were. And you must have heard of their Raslila too, the love between them grew so much that they did not like to live without each other at all. But for some reason Shrikrishna had to leave Gokul Nagari and Radha ji and go to Dwarkapuri.

While going, Krishna goes to promise that he will return and will marry Radha. And only a few days later, real father of Goddess Rukmani ji realizes that his daughter is alive and he lives here. When she comes to roast, she takes her daughter along with her widowed country. And then we will tell you what happens next.

Where Radha Ji, the goddess who took Rakmani Ji, was in the place of enemies of Lord Shri Krishna. Therefore, the father of Rakmani Ji would give his daughter’s marriage as well, but not at all from Shrikrishna ji. But Lord Krishna takes her away and marries them. And accepting them as your wife and living their life.

Friends, you have come to know the complete truth after reading this story that after all Sri Krishna did not marry Radha. When he got married to goddess Rukmani, how can he marry Radha now because both girls were both the same.In our mythology as long as Radha ji and Lord Shri Krishna’s name come, Rukamani ji No name comes up. After marrying Lord Krishna with Rukmani, then there is no name for Radha Ji. This is the complete truth that you have now come to know and you can tell others also.

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