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Why Skill Development Is The Necessity For Housewives?

According to a few reports, women constitute 48 percent of the total Indian population. They are legal citizens of the country that withhold the same rights as 52 percent of men. Unfortunately, our society is male dominant. However, the 21st century brings numerous changes to this idealism with the assistance of skill development for housewives. The right set of skills would empower women with a preferred choice of career path, growth perspectives, enhance contribution to the society, and provide monetary benefits. 

Primarily, housewives spend most of their time in the growth of their children, parental look after, and household management. But with the right skills, they can employ others to complete their chores and find significant time for personal growth. One of the most effortless skills that Indian housewives can learn is spoken English through an online English speaking course. It would also help them with their written English communication skills. According to a 2006 report, there were 300-400 million native global English speakers. 

Therefore, learning English speaking course for housewives would provide housewives an opportunity to connect with people across the globe on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. At the same time, it would open knowledge into their fields of interest like economics, gardening, cooking, sports, etc. They can involve themselves more in their choice of the area by learning about the latest trends on social media sites. Besides this, it would increase their job opportunities. They can become a translator, PR, spokesperson, public speaker, etc. 

Additionally, earning housewives can boost their career growth within an organization or even outside it. Recruiters are always searching for the right candidate to handle their offshore accounts or go abroad to manage an office. Such changes happen more for candidates with proper written and spoken English skills besides the necessary knowledge for the job role. Therefore, a single skill like spoken English through an online English speaking course can enhance the growth perspectives, information base, and social media connections. 

Furthermore, certification for an online English speaking course can boost the chances of recruitment in a domestic and foreign organization. Also, a person needs to pass IELTS, TOEFL, etc. exam to study, relocate, and work abroad. The exam consists of spoken, written, listening, and reading English sections. Universities and companies usually hire candidates with the best remarks in such an exam because they can easily adjust to the culture. 

Therefore, skill development has become essential for housewives for many reasons. Besides, boosting career opportunities and increasing salary also teaches them to build a second source of sustainable income, and enter the corporate world. Skill development also imparts verbal and nonverbal communication, self-confidence, leadership, working with others, team handling, workplace culture, and job perspectives. So, a skill development program teaches much more than the skill. 

An effective skill development program for women or housewives, and children teach communication skills, business etiquettes, language and personality development, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, basic accounting, and computer skills. Many government and private organizations are offering such programs across various states of India. 

They cover fields like banking and financial services, geriatric care services, dialysis technology, electronics, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, travel and tourism, management and entrepreneurship, childcare, and IT-enabled services. They also include industries like

hospitality, media, and entertainment, telecom, printing, and packaging. 

These programs empower housewives educationally, socially, politically, economically, and legally for socio-economic development. They also learn about respect, dignity, effort, and equal rights throughout the program. Skill development can enable housewives to become more competitive in the current world scenario. It can also help them to strive excellence in their field, get competitive salary packages, independently build their career, work in a desired choice of company. 

Today, women with the right set of skills are flourishing in fields like zardozi work, garment making, fabric painting, beauty parlor, hand embroidery, etc. In addition to this, many housewives have begun small businesses with a sustainable income. According to a few reports, women employed in the organized sector has increased by 12 percent. The skill development program also teaches about presentation, communication & analysis. It has also increased women entrepreneurs and created a shift to desk jobs. Therefore, skill development is undoubtedly a necessity for housewives or women. 

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